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Graduate Seminars

Seminar Program

ICIS graduate seminars integrate visiting speakers, conferences, or workshops, with advanced scholarly training and faculty research across disciplines and world areas. Recent seminars have included "Subaltern Citizens and their Histories," "Globalization, Gender, and Location," and "Politics, Governance and Development." Themes vary by year, depending on the interests of faculty and advanced students; seminars are often team taught from the perspective of two different disciplines. In conjunction with its seminar offerings, ICIS provides graduate supplementary fellowships for international research and training. Details can be found under "Funding."

The Fall 2008 seminar, "Gender Violence, Gender Justice"

Directed by:

Professor Pamela Scully

This new graduate seminar, “Gender Violence, Gender Justice,” will explore how a gendered analysis of violence and justice affects our understanding of conflict/post-conflict and reconstruction after civil war. The seminar will integrate feminist analyses of sexual violence with attention to debates within international human rights law as to how to integrate women’s rights into international human rights.

We will also examine processes known as “transitional justice.” Truth and Reconciliation commissions have become ubiquitous means of moving societies from conflict to post-conflict states. Truth Commissions, of one sort or another, have flourished since the 1990s. At least 15 such commissions have taken place ranging from Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, South Africa, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Yet, gender experts continue to point out the weakness of this model in addressing women’s concerns. We will examine the attempts made by TRC commissions to rectify this situation. Students will have an opportunity to study one commission in detail, depending on their geographical area of focus.

A goal of the seminar is to see if we can, in fact, develop recommendations for taking women’s issues seriously in societies currently identified as being in a post-conflict transition. To help accomplish this, speakers from outside of the academy will be invited to share with us their perspectives and experiences concerning gender and women in conflict and post-conflict societies.

An important related component of the seminar is a companion workshop on gender and transitional justice organized through Emory’s Feminist Legal Theory Project. “Conflict and Transitional Justice: Feminist Approaches” is scheduled for September 19-20, 2008. For more information on the workshop, click here.

In Spring 2009, ICIS will host a broad conference on gender violence and gender justice bringing together academics, human rights experts, and activists. Students in the seminar will have the opportunity to help plan the conference depending on their interests.

In Spring 2009, participants from the seminar will attend the ICIS conference, and some will be invited to present papers. (The best of the 25-30 page research papers that students write in the Fall seminar will be presented.) One of the planned outcomes of the conference is an edited volume on the comparative study of gender violence and gender justice. Selected original research papers by graduate student participants will be considered for publication in this volume, along with papers by conference participants.



For more information, please contact:

Professor Pamela Scully, click here


Professor Bruce M. Knauft, click here


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