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The ICIS Visiting Scholars

The goal of the ICIS Visiting Scholar Program is to cultivate international scholarship at Emory by bringing outstanding academics from across the world to teach, share their research through seminars and lectures, and create unique opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue around timely themes and issues.

For a complete list of current visiting scholars, please go to:

ICIS Visiting Scholars, Spring 2009
Drs. Joanna Davidson (West Africa), Patience Kabamba (East Africa), Christopher Krupa (Latin America), Guillermo de la Peña (Latin America)

ICIS Visiting Scholars, Fall 2008 (photo below)
L-R: Drs. Monica Juneja (South Asia), Christopher Krupa (Latin America), Patience Kabamba (East Africa), Joanna Davidson (West Africa), Sanal Mohan (South Asia)

ICIS Visiting Scholars Fall 2008


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